Waste to Waves wouldn’t exist without the help of these dedicated and passionate volunteers. If you would like to volunteer to help Waste to Waves, please contact Rocky Burns. We will get your name added to this list.

Rocky Burns – Volunteer Coordinator

As a second generation fisherman and avid surfer, Rocky has spent most of his life in, on, or around the ocean. Rocky was previously co-founder and COO of ilovebluesea.com, where he worked to connect consumers directly with sustainably harvested seafood. He was also one of the youngest crab boat captains on the West Coast, and led a crew of fearless fisherman on the crab boat Al-W.


Sunshine Conley — San Francisco Volunteer

Sunshine is a surfer born and raised in Hawaii.  Who now lives out in the fog of the Sunset.  She is an ocean activist both local and international.  On her spare time you can find Sunshine taking part in Surfrider’s beach cleanups at Kelly’s cove or in the water at Ocean Beach.  She has been sharing the aloha spirit for a decade in SF.



Tyler Gee — San Francisco Volunteer

Tyler is a surfer, free diver, and lover of all activities in and
around the water.  He is an avid recycler and composter, who was
inspired to get involved in Waste to Waves after picking up lots of
foam at Surfrider beach cleanups.”