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W2W @ Volcom Pipe Pro

The waves are firing at Pipe and now we are collecting styrofoam at he Volcom Pipe Pro 2013.  During the waiting period, you can bring your waste foam to the surf shop, Tropical Rush, in Haleiwa. You can literally “Turn your trash to slash” by bringing your waste foam to Tropical Rush. Several pro surfers at the contest have surfboards made from recycled EPS surfboard blanks, and they love how the recycled blanks surf. Check out this video from Torrey [...]

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How The Program Works

  Step 1: Collect All of Your Waste EPS Foam You probably got it when you bought a new TV, computer, or some furniture. Most cities don’t let you recycle this, and it just feels wrong to throw it into the trash can. A much higher use for this foam is to have it recycled and turned into new products, including surfboard blanks. We only accept clean, white, #6, Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam.  This is exactly the same foam used [...]

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Find Foam Dropoff Sites

Find a location to drop off your waste polystyrene packaging foam (aka EPS foam or “styrofoam”). NORTHERN CALIFORNIA San Francisco Bay Area: Proof Lab Marin County – 254 Shoreline Hwy, Mill Valley, CA 94941 Other SF City dropoff sites are temporarily suspended. We are working on a solution. SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Los Angeles County: Earth Technologies – 1647 Sepulveda Blvd, Unit 7, Torrance CA 90501 Orange County: Pure Glass - 1777 Placentia, Costa Mesa, CA 92627 Foam E-Z – 6455 Industry Way, [...]

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Upcoming Events

Jon from Surfride in Solana Beach shows off his EPS collection.

Here’s a couple of photos of shops that have full bins of EPS foam. The program is working! Keep up the good work and bring in your own foam to donate to a participating retailer.  

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Jim Moriarty, CEO of the Surfrider Foundation, is stoked on the Waste to Waves bin at Surfrider Headquarters.  Apparently he just bought a new TV (after 20 years without buying one, he quickly disclaimed). If you haven’t bought one yourself lately, new TV’s come with a LOT of EPS foam. The bigger the TV, the more foam it needs to protect it during shipping and sales. Jim said that before Waste to Waves, he would have probably been forced throw [...]

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Last week, the first surf shops received their Waste to Waves bins. Twenty eight bins were delivered, with another fourteen to go. The list of bins is updated daily here. Here are some photos from the rollout:

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  Who says a surfboard made from recycled blank doesn’t perform? Here’s Mike Losness ripping at T-Steet on a Timmy Patterson shape. This board is made from Marko recycled EPS. The foam collected in Waste to Waves will go directly into new recycled EPS blanks. This will also significantly increase the supply of Marko recycled EPS blanks available to shapers (more sizes and styles). Prior runs of recycled blanks were limited by the amount of recycled EPS they could collect. [...]

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