Windows 8.1 Download ISO 32 / 64 Bit Free Official

Windows 8.1 download ISO 32 Bit / 64 Bit for PC. It is Windows 8.1 Official Untouched ISO with single direct link. Download Original Windows 8.1 OEM DVD x86 x64. download windows 8.1 Microsoft has just released Windows 8.1 which will be a major update to Windows 8. You can download Windows 8.1 disk image ISO files and install them on your machines. Windows 8.1 download links are provided at the bottom of this post. You can also experience Windows 7 which was the previous version of Windows 8.

Please Note this is Windows 8.1 Pro (Professional Edition). If you are looking for standard Edition then you have to wait. Until we’ll post that.

Windows 8.1 Release

Windows 8.1 has brought its own mobility and user experience. The security and Networking is boosted up on Windows 8.1 version. This windows 8.1 review details the new enhancements in Windows 8.1 which will help Microsoft to grow your business. Users which are domain joined in Windows 8.1 can be a part of better group policy management. A new feature is web application proxy which provide advance ability and consistent experience in Windows 8.1 download.

download windows 8.1 iso

Security optimizations in new windows 8.1 are classic. Device Encryptions and improved integrated biometric function in Windows 8.1 make it leader. Far from all Modern front end experience make the user comfortable working with variety of apps.

Features of Windows 8.1

Below are unique Windows 8.1 features you can check after windows 8.1 download:- 1. Direct Desktop Boot Support 2. Resize Apps Windows 3. Improved Device Encryption 4. Resistance to Everyday Malware Attacks 5. Remote Business Data Removal in case of lost or Stolen

windows 8.1 iso download

6. Automated Lock Down Feature 7. Integrated VPN 8. Broadband Tethering 9. NFC Tap To Pair Support 10. Web Application Proxy 11. Enhanced Environment for Virtual Desktops For more details you can visit the official Windows 8.1 website.

download windows 8.1 free

Free Download Windows 8.1 ISO

Click on below buttons to download Windows 8.1 free ISO files. These are single link complete ISO files which are ready to burn. You can install these via Pen drive as well. Choose either 32 Bit or 64 Bit version of Windows 8.1. If you are unsure then choose 32 Bit version of Windows 8.1 ISO file. These are official Windows 8.1 releases by Microsoft.

32 Bit

64 Bit

How To Install Windows 8.1 ISO

Well after you successfully download windows 8.1 free iso file. Save it on your PC. Follow this tutorial which tells How to install Windows 8.1 via USB Drive. The steps to install windows 8.1 are simple and easy. Comment here if you face any issues during windows 8.1 iso download or installation.

MD5 Checksum

32 Bit

64 Bit

This Post Was Last Updated On: February 9, 2016 By Author: Fatima Afridi
  • This is free version

  • Aidan

    If I have license, does it mean I can still use the license, or does this only work for a set amount and no longer

  • Rehan

    i don’t like 8.1 preview. lots of bugs and problem. i am unable to download anything using mozila or IE. also facing some driver problems. now i am going back to win8

  • This is totally fair. The companies which put millions to develop such softwares, operating systems and tools need some respect. You need to support them.

  • Kat

    Hi, Fatima. Will this work on bootcamp? Thanks.

    • Yes this you can use this windows 8.1 with bootcamp

  • chinmay shah

    Installed Win 8.1 Pro Preview yesterday….nice OS…feels snappier/faster than Win 8…Start screen is much more customizable…start button (not the same as in win 7) & boot to desktop directly is also there….this is purely for evaluation purpose…trial code is available at microsoft site…stable OS…firefox,Chrome.IE11 all working fine…youtube, downloads etc… working fine…good experience…especially the cute fish logo at bootup….

  • vicky

    This is the orginal version of windows 8.1?

  • Yes this is original windows 8.1

  • Nawaf

    hey is this windows 8.1 different than windows 8 ? O,o’? because i have windows 8 x 64 bit i want to covert it to windows 8.1 x 32 bit 🙂

    • There is nit much different. I suggest you should stick with Windows 8 64 bit stable release.

      • skma87

        fatima afridi can u upload windows 8.1 final release ?

  • cyril

    do you have Windows 8 and office in french

  • cyril

    do you have Windows 8 and office 2013 in french ?

  • Yes there are. The language packs can be uploaded. I’ll try to find one

  • CHris

    I have Windows 7 starter… can I install this OS to my PC?

  • Anita

    Is windows 8.1 preview same as windows 8.1 professional? if not what is the difference?

    • Abid Ali

      Windows 8.1 preview was under developed version, in which you may face crashes and bugs but its free from Microsoft… windows 8.1 pro is recently released there will be no rashes no bugs but you have to pay for it…. Hope you understand the difference.

    • Replyer

      Windows 8.1 is a normal op system the preview is pics of win 8.1



  • Yarun Kumar

    is this windows8.1 preview or windows 8.1

  • Chukwudi Choxy Ezeukwu

    is it the preview/rtm/final version?

  • Sriharsha Srinivasa

    thanks a lot dude it is becoming easier fr me nw

  • shaibal sinha

    i want windows 8.1 32 bit ……pls upload soon….

  • shaibal sinha

    pls upload windows 8.1 iso.

  • Mayukh Pramanick

    Every time I start downloading this file, it gets stuck at certain places and it stops. Again I have to restart the download from the beginning. Yesterday It got stuck at ‘2.2Gb’. Its so disgusting. So my request from you guyss, please make the file downloadable in parts. Or advice me some other internet browser which has the ‘pause’ option working.

    • Samarendra

      Use any internet download manager software’s and you can be able to download. Yesterday I’d downloaded the complete ISO using my mobile phone with EDGE connectivity..

  • You should use IDM (internet download manager)

    • linga vignesh

      @getintopc:disqus right now i’m working with windows 8 ..i could see the windows 8.1 single language update (3.62 Gb) in windows store..since my network connection is low ,the downloading cuts/breaks at some times and again restarting the download from the begining..i want that new version of windows 8.1 to be downloaded via IDM..i want that original (3.62 Gb) version of windows 8.1 single language file..reply to this mail id:

  • Amyth cool

    cool dude..

  • Ashesh Bhusal

    Is this better then windows 8 pro,,i want every information about this version of window …..8.1

  • Farzin

    thank you very much, but is this preview or last released version at October of windows 8.1?

  • Yes it is better

  • iGam3

    where’re windows 8.1 pro ? i want download ……

  • ratheeshmullath

    thanks ,is this bootable?

    • Awxawx

      Yap. All the versions (x86-32Bit & x64-64 Bit) are bootable.

      • Yes he is right. All ISO images are bootable.

        • arjunchandra143

          Hai Fatima,
          Is this the Preview version of Windows 8.1 or Windows 8.1 Pro version. Reply please, Waiting for the confirmation to download.

          • Windows 8.1 Pro

          • arjunchandra143

            Hey Fatima,
            A million thanks for this amazing stuff.


    this original iso

  • iGam3

    Are this windows 8.1 Pro ? Fast reply me i want to download later ~

  • Asllan Qeshmja

    hey fatima, wich program can I use to create bootable windows 8?

    • use windows USB dvd tool.

      • Tolu Dee

        hello fatima can i use the 64 bit to upgrade from an oem single core to the pro version. can you kindly guide. thanks, have downloaded just scared, to install the pro on a single core

    • Ian

      You can use ImgBurn it’s free.

  • Asllan Qeshmja

    Its windows 8.1


    Hey Admin am thankful to upload Windows 8.1 plzzzz Am Request to upload mac 10.8 os x mountaion lion….plzzzzz

  • Jack

    Where it says “Choose ISO file” I tried select the file off the desktop and it said “Not a valid ISO file”???

  • Ralph Lawrence R. Silaya

    Is this Windows 8.1 Preview, Core or Pro? Please respond immediately. And another, can it be used to just upgrade from Windows 8 to 8.1 without losing files (losing apps, perhaps) or it’s just for clean installation of windows?

    • Its Windows 8 Pro. Yes Its can be used in Upgrade

      • Guest

        Thank you for the reply. However, I downloaded this ISO file through IDM. And when it reached 74%, IDM suddenly stops downloading it and alerts that the download is corrupted or something like that. Any suggestions how to fix it?

  • sunny

    hi yesterday i downloaded win 8.1. but when i want to install it showed 2 files missing. error is Can’t find file sourcesinstall.wim or file sourcesinstall.swm. can you let me know the problm

    • kalpesh sali (Expert)

      install.wim or file sourcesinstall.swm. thise file are download ur pc & system configure install chek the problem

  • bijen

    currently i m on win 7 ultimate..can i directly update it to win 8.1???is it peeeractly worked on laptop?

  • bryll joseph carr

    I Have This Already Os That WINDOWS 7 Homepremium Can I Format It Using This WINDOWS 8.1 OS

  • yes you can format this

    • bryll joseph carr


  • yes you can update.

  • Have you tried to make bootable? Which version are you trying?

  • You can re try. There may be a technical issue with server.

  • bryll joseph carr

    can i install now this

    my Lap top

    Model:Lenovo Win7 PC
    Rating 4.2 Windows Experience Index
    OS: WINDOWS 7 Homepremium
    Processor: Inter(R) Core(TM)2 Dou CPU T6600 @ 2.20GHz 2.20 GHz
    Intalled memory (RAM): 2.00 GB
    System type: 64-bit OS
    Pen and Touch: No Pen or Touch Input Is Availlable

    • Gogs

      yes u can install

  • Ralph Lawrence R. Silaya

    I think there’s some problem in your servers. I’m on Philippines. I experience only 4 KBPS where nearly my download rate is around 200 to 500 KBPS. I’m using IDM with 16 connections opened. Any suggestions how to fix it?

  • Yes you can install

  • Some times server is under high load. We are trying to optimize the server

  • GINO

    do u have to use a usb or can u use a dvd or something

  • Darshankumar Swaminarayan

    Do you think that finally Microsoft had to come up with bringing Start menu button back?

  • gerardo Ivan Mata Salinas

    hello friends I have a doubt, I’m trying to download the windows 32 bit and my computer tells me it is 86 bit I do not understand why Someone could help me

  • Some guy

    i guess that this is the full ver not the preview ver because it said somewhere up before the download link that this is the OFFICIAL version

  • Chathuranga

    Used Firefox and IDM to download. Could download without any problem. Thanks 🙂

  • Thanks

  • x86 is 32 bit…x64 is 64 bit

  • This is final

  • Ashley

    Thank you; you’re a lifesaver! Had to try to get the 8.1 iso without 7/8/8.1 (from Vista) because my main computer borked and formatted so even though I have legit product license for 7 and 8.1 I can’t install either (7 plain won’t work with my SSD anymore and my 8.1 disk was too scratched) this ISO will save my life if it works! 😀

  • Abdul Nasir Afridi

    Asalam o alikum dear….
    How I can find system rate in windows 8.1 like we are finding normally in their is any gui option for system rating in wins-8.1.plzz reply.
    I not mean commond wise from gui base like in wins-7

    • Right click on My computer and go to System properties. There you’ll see system rating

  • Yes this works, we tested and uploaded it here

  • Rwafemir Verzany Harari

    can i upgrade my windows 8 to windows 8.1?but,how?

  • rohit

    struck on a screen which asks for drivers. i dont have them . please help

  • bilalakbar2344

    Today I have installed this version by downloading from your site. Works perfect. Its speed faster and its reliable than windows 8 its totally great

    • Tolu Dee

      did you do an upgrade or fresh install

  • Randy Risly

    Major question: Is this the final version?

  • Edmond Gabonilas

    will this one work on my laptop?, its running windows 7 starter and i want to upgrade it..

  • Daniel

    Hello admin thanks for your iso images. here we have two separate ( 32 and 64 bit )images. i have downloaded both images but i want to boot these two images into one dvd.

    can you suggest me some software to combine these two iso images into one All in one iso image….

  • Ravi Tiwari

    in what this iso version will open? I am opening in IZ arc

  • dz

    Thank you so much, it works flawlessly.

    • Tolu Dee

      an upgrade or fresh install

    • Kali Charan

      i cant open the apps ya.

      apps not working

  • You can only burn either 32 bit or 64 bit in one dvd

  • You can use 64bit

  • Yes it is

  • Prateek Chakraborty

    Miss Fatima, Thank you so much for windows 7 64 bit. my comp was getting slow regularly. Now it’s working wonder.

  • Aman

    Hyello Uploader , im running pc on Win 8 , so all i have to do is , burn image to disk , and while booting , Format & remove old windows 8 and install this fresh copy of Windows8.1 . Right ?

  • abdul

    just download it.. and install power iso any version. then go to tool option and click create bootable usb drive.locate the image file and run.. restart ur pc nd select boot option from usb and enter..

  • mersad

    Windows 8.1 PROFESSIONAL –

  • yup right

  • ermi

    It works for me THANK U -Fatima Afridi

  • tolu

    can i use this to upgrade currently running windows 8 OEM on dell 15r, being having challenges downloading from the store

  • Eddy

    this is windows 8.1 pro ?

  • You can do fresh install of Windows 8.1 iso

    • praveen

      I downloaded windows 8.1 from your site but it doesn’t allow to upgrade.How do i upgrade from windows 7 to 8.1?

      • You cannot upgrade to windows 8.1 directly from windows 7. You have to do a fresh install

  • Yes this is windows 8.1 pro iso

  • Yeah you can use this

  • This is windows 8.1 pro iso. This is not preview

  • pasa

    this is w 8.1 professional and works very good, thank you very much for uploader

  • Sergio Kun Aguero

    Nicely done admin. We appreciate your work.


  • wisey

    am actually downloading t now, a big thank you to the person who uploaded it

  • prithvi

    you should install LAN or ethernet drivers

  • anonymous

    hello im using win 8 enterprise and i want to upgrade it using this win 8.1 pro…can i do that by open the iso file using daemon tools lite?because i dont want to burn any disc

  • lutfil hade

    i have some problem here. I have finish download windows 8.1 pro x32. i have finish make bootable usb driver with ur microsoft software. then , the problem occur at the setup. the problem is at the disk partition part of installation of windows 8.1 setup. it said something like “the windows can’t be installed in this drive” . THEN. I tried to convert the drive to GPT. i press Shift+f10 .diskpart -> list disk -> select disk
    convert gpt

    . then I turn of my netbook. When i start it back. the problem bcome more bigger. it says. reboot and select proper device . -.- please help me. hope you can reply this faster

    • I verified this ISO and it is working fine. We check every software and OS. So there may be an issue with your drive

  • Keith Wayne Myers

    you have done me wonders this has made my day since every where else cant seem to connect to the internet even the main downloader @ windows . com wasn’t working but thank you

  • Michael

    Hi, I downloaded the file but my NERO software says that it isn’t a valid ISO file when i wanted to burn it into my DVD disc. Is it anything wrong with the ISO file? Thanks~~~~

  • Kiriti reddy

    is this official os

  • lil metro

    now downloading lets just hope i ain’t a preview

  • Harry Lawrence Pasion

    I guess I am the first to download this 8.1?

    currently downloading it…… is this os tested? is it an enterprise version or preview?

  • gerwinjane

    thanks you very much,

  • Mason Swiftblade

    hi, am i able to download the file and just open the iso?

    • Just install the ISO via USB or burn using Microsoft USB DVD tool

  • MSI Ahamed

    I am using windows xp in my pc. can I install win 8.1 directly from windows xp?

  • ade

    awesome upload! thanks a million….even got the office 2013!

  • Please note that this is for installation only. This is not license.

  • jancarlos cabrera

    How I can avtivate my windows 8.1 pro build 9690

    • Src Dgyg

      enter the Run menu by Holding WINDOWS + R and in the menu type slui 4 and click ok
      select your CountryRegion , dial one of the numbers on on the screen (using Skype, your phone or tablet) , entering what the robot says, the product id (that is very long) , proceeding to the next page and entering the license that the robot says.
      There you go!
      And it is completely free (you might be charged for dialing that number)

  • jancarlos cabrera

    Im sorry it 9600

  • Thanks for feedback

  • it is Windows 8.1 Pro

  • Thanks 🙂

  • Chethana Kalana Mahindapala

    hi,What is the build version of this 8.1? Can anyone say ?

  • Thanks dear for suggestion and feedback

    • Awxawx

      Thanks too for the wonderful site. Can you get a Windows 8.1 Iso With Media Centre (WMC)? I will appreciate a lot.

      • Sure I’ll add that. Your suggestion is noted.

        • Awxawx

          Thanks for your feedback. I have a lot of cool stuff but uploading is my major problem.

    • Devesh


      • Please check your email inbox for reply.

        • Shakir Ahmed

          what is difrent between windows 7 home basic or home premium,



          pls help me

          • Premium has some more features that’s it. It’s not a big deal.

          • Shakir Ahmed

            thanx for reply. and home base

        • Pickloo Bhai

          Dear Fatima 1st time I`ve installed.

    • Bilal

      I will be greatly thankful to dear Fatima if this is the original version of windows 8.1.

  • Tokyo Lan Go

    I’ve tried it. It’s official but seriously i waited too long for the downloading even if i have a high speed internet. anyways worht it…

  • Druide Code

    Fatima, got it and installed through BootCamp on a Macbook Pro – However, I am ending up with a ”Pro” edition that refuses my purchased ”Windows 8” license…

    • This is official Untouched Windows 8.1 Pro. Can you confirm if your license is also of Windows 8.1 pro?

      • Druide Code

        Of course, now going through the messages here, I can read people confirming this is WIndows 8.1 ”pro”. My suggestion would be to make it clear in title ? 😉 Cheers,

  • This means your hardware drivers are not compatible with Windows 8.1 generic drivers

  • Sure Larry I’ll upload the basic Windows 8.1 as well soon

    • Larry Morris Shelton

      that would be awesome. sometimes i would like to have the basic version.

    • No Sumit. It is official untouched ISO of windows 8.1 pro

      • Sumit

        thanks dear. Can you pls tell me which version is realiable for games and all software?

      • Sumit

        Dear thanks……pls let me know, can windows 8 driver support into Windows 8.1 for my inspiron 15r laptop?

        • Yes Windows 8.1 is very good with drivers support. It will already have wifi, display and sound drivers.

  • No there is 64 bit as well

  • Usama Awais

    how much time it will take to download???

  • saeful

    thank you so much admin,this is final version
    nice work

    • Chaitanya Veeravalli

      Is this iso file is win 8.1 or win 8.1 pro ????????

  • Hi Grenstion follow this tutorial to make a bootable USB of Windows 8.1

  • Yes but this software takes a lot of time in extracting

  • sba lumani

    this z good pple, I hv try it….it works proparly

  • This is official untouched iso image

  • Windows 8.1 pro is more suitable for games and software

  • Yup it is bootable ISO

  • I hope it will work

    • Bapi Sahoo

      Can it support for upgrade in future if any higher version OS will come ?

      • Yup it supports all updates

        • Bapi Sahoo

          I want to know about the up gradation of OS not the updates. Please share the details bcoz I dont want to miss my Windows 8. Plz

          • This ISO can be only used for fresh installation of windows 8.1. For upgrading to 8.1 from 8 you have to follow official microsoft procedure.

  • siva

    Hello Fatima Afridi Is this windows 8.1 core single language ? I have OEM VERSION of windows 8 in my system. If I do a clean install with the given 8.1 iso, will my OEM legit license be accepted? Please confirm

    • Hi Siva, OEM may not be accepted. Because you are doing complete clean install. Secondly Windows 8.1 is multilingual

  • Links are up and running. Haters gonna hate 😉

  • I think drivers are missing. You need to install drivers later on using Driver Pack

  • This Win 8.1 ISO is used for fresh install

  • Welcome and thanks for feedback

  • rohit

    nice wab

  • rohit


  • mandeep

    can i download this file by using any download manager?because this file is too large and i m not able to pause or resume in google chrome pls tell me the right way to download this

  • test37

    Is this windows 8.1 or windows 8.1 pro? Its saying 8.1 but when download its file name is windows 8.1 pro.

  • Windows 8.1 pro has all features of core

  • Nayana Yatawara

    Hi ma’m. first i would like to thanks for giving this. I am very appreciate your work… I installed this os and perfectly. But i can’t personalize the start menu. I can’t change the start menu background theme,effects..etc. When i press the personalization it goes to >> Control Panel All Control Panel Items Personalization, not to start menu. if i can put a image here i can show it to you. i have no idea about this. In every other 8.1 versions have this personalization option. please give me a solution for this. thnx…

  • Ramzan Ramzan

    i want to install windows 8.1 without formatting D drive how can I

    • Just delete the partition of C drive and recreate C Drive partition.

      • Ramzan Ramzan

        thanks a lot

  • Ramzan Ramzan

    i need typingmaster i’m kindly requesting you to upload …………

  • Yeah. I think so. 😉 Start menu customization can be done via 3rd party softwares

  • Fahad

    can i use legit windows 8 license in windows 8.1 ? If not kindly advice from where can i get it.

    • No i don’t think so

      • Muhammad Umar

        U don’t need any number on win8.1 setup… but u need original version for better performance or it will be crap soon within 7 days

  • Thats great.

  • Utsab Kc

    I had created windows 8 bootable usb drive by the help of your suggestion, but it doesnot ask to boot while I start the computer at first but I could see the setup.exe file of windows while i view the file of usb. So could I directly start setup while im running computer or I must have to restart it?

    • Go into your PC BIOS options and change Boot sequence. Also check if USB Boot is supported on your machine or not.

      • Muhammad Umar

        there is a problem in creating Bootable USB… try to use “poweriso” its not free but it works awesome for creating Bootable usb for Win 8 or 8.1… install it then go to Tool>Create Bootable USB>plugin USB>select ISO file… (strongly recommended) plz don’t change the default options of the Software.. Wait until the setup end… minimum size of usb should be 8 Gb..
        after doing this restart your pc if u are using HP press escape button while restarting.. for Dell F9.. Intel F10… set the parameter to USB and save the changes … have fun hope this will work for You

  • Thanks for guiding others 😉

    • Muhammad Umar

      No thx plz…. honestly m happy to found this type of info site…. U don’t believe how much I gain form your Website 🙂

  • Haha 😉

  • ahad

    can i just make an iso cd for this windows.

    • Yes you can make bootable DVD from ISO. Use Microsoft USB DVD tool

  • This windows 8.1 is around 3 GB. So be patient 😉

  • what is needed?

  • Mathieu Therrien

    Could you provide MD5 of both ISO please?

  • Muhammad Umar

    Experts say that moving from XP to a newer OS is very difficult. What do you think?

    • Absolutely correct.

      • Muhammad Umar

        what u think about it….. any alternative which will be use in replace of XP????

        • nopes. There is no alternative for those who loved xp. they can still enjoy xp on vm machines 😉

  • Muhammad Umar

    say it wisely … 😀 what is want form here ???

  • FlameZ

    just update it to 8.1 on your pc.. Its free to update.

  • Van Dee Nuary Al-jannazeem

    is every aplication i have will gone????

    • Yes if you do a fresh installation every application will be gone.

  • Mohammed

    i can say ok

  • This is windows 8.1 pro. If you are using this ISO you can only install a fresh one. To update from windows 8 to win 8.1 you need to follow official Microsoft instructions to update via store.

  • I have just checked and it is working fine. Please confirm what error/issue you are getting.

  • Hanif Caesarrio

    can you compress this file ?? because too big

  • I’m running windows XP 32bit and need to use some software on windows 8.1 can this be done

    • If that software is compatible with both, then it can be done

  • It is working for me. I tested both. Are you sure all files were fully downloaded?

  • 100% agreed, I Love 8.1

  • May be dvd driver is missing. Can you try official driver for your machine

  • this win 8.1 is fully working

  • Wonderful tip.

  • welcome.

  • Salai Mani

    I don’t have a unlimited data connection, i want to recharge my data balance when it complete 1.5 GB. and i use internet download manger to download files, I want to know one thing is your download server is pause and resume able?? because i pause the download and recharge my data balance after i continue the download!!! plzz reply back… and sorry for my bad english…

    • yes it is pause and resumable. Haven’t you saw it for your self


    the 32- bit version works properly

  • Hmmm. Windows Media Center was originally designed for Windows 7. I have not experienced it in Windows 8.1

  • Beeb Zii


  • Fahad

    hi Fatima !
    Need you little help , please advise is it possible to keep windows 8.1 and windows 7 (both bootable from USB) in one single USB ? At the time installation would it ask or give option that which windows do we need to install ?

  • Obaid Khan

    hey guys can any one tell me why it downloading get stuck at 97%….. tried 3 times and same result… any suggestions?

    • How are you trying to download 8.1? Use IDM download manager for fast and error free downloads.

      • Obaid Khan

        yes i am using IDM but it stopped at 97%. 3 times in a row.. frustating.. so any ideas what might be the problem.

        • It worked for me 100%. I downloaded several times and it worked fine.

  • Killer

    i have installed and it saying windows 8.1 pro build 9600 any help?

  • That’s blue screen error. There may be some hardware issue in your PC. Possibly with RAM or Hard disk.

    Can you try universal USB Installer for installing?

  • Ýãsh Kùrzèkär

    is it real windows ?????

  • Yes I hope you can upgrade it to Windows 9 easily.

    • Mostafa Mohamed

      is windows 9 is better than windows 8

      if true what is the differences

  • Yup I know.

  • Yeah sizes are same. But they are completely different :p

    • Muhammad Umar

      so which one is the best ?? win7 or 8

  • Great suggestion :p

  • I have personally tested both and they work awesome.

  • The setup is running fine with me. Tell me how are you trying to install it?

  • true that.
    I always prefer 64 bit.

  • 🙂

  • Rajkumar Goka

    really its a good tip. its downloading very fast on android @ double speed than on PC. Thank you very much Mr. Umar

  • Sai Vamsi Naidu

    i just burned it with with power iso into dvd and at the start i select boot from dvd thats it

    • You shouldn’t have face this issue. Can you get checksum of your iso and send it to me? I’ll match if you download is corrupted or not.

  • Hari Prasath

    Guyzz pls tell me how to install this i am presently using windows 7 32bit can i download this and install tell me whether it works or not…plz..plzz…plzz….whether the files will be there or deleted…plz say to me…i am in hurry…

  • Srushti Ighe

    plz help me
    hw i cn download it

  • both are working downloads. I have just tested. Use IDM

    • Ahmed Aly

      thank u my dear for win 8.1 pro 32 bit

  • Just use Windows USB Installer

  • shamin

    is this windows 8.1 pro iso file

  • You should install window using USB. The error you got comes when DVD drivers are not found.

    • Radhe Mahant

      i try this but my pc dose not support & boot by USB Drive, how can i boot by using USB bootable Drive. and pls tell me if there have another option to install win 8. and thanks for your reply….

      • The only option is you should burn it on DVD. By the way today all systems have usb boot support. May be you are unable to find USB boot option but it should exist in your system bios.

  • Saif Abed Rahim

    any solution for the last step 4 of 4 ?
    we were unable to copy your files. please check your usb device and the selected iso file and try again…
    please reply fast….

    • The iso is clean and tested by me. How are you trying to install?

  • I just checked and link is working well. May be server was under load when you checked.

  • Your words mean a lot to me. Keep visiting my site.

  • Unfortunately not. You should only have to do fresh operating systems. The only way is to install through VMWare.

  • You should install Graphics Driver.

  • Thanks 🙂

  • Arter

    NOt working .. Error msg prompting

    • What error message are you getting? How did you try to install?

  • shamin


  • shamin

    thanks Fatima

  • This is official Trial version of Windows 8.1 Pro.

  • What happened?

  • No it wont. It will just show notification.

  • Subash

    This is an updated top Version (Build 9600)
    .Net Framework 4.5 is installed in it.
    But Just asks to install .Net Framework 3.5.
    Use “Uniblue driver scanner” (OR)
    “IObit Driver booster” for updating Driver software.
    I like this very much.
    But it ask to login to microsoft account to download any apps from store & if u sync with that and lock ur screen it asks for microsoft account password.
    To Update windows don’t directly do it.
    Update it with “Advanced system care” In that check the “Vulgarity…..” circle and then click on start scan and after scan click on fix button.
    It is safe because it indirectly updates ur Windows 8.1

  • It depends on your files where they are stored. If you have copied files to alternate drives other than C drive then only softwares will be formatted which are already installed.

  • Yes this is windows 8.1 pro

  • We’ll post it as soon as possible.

  • Yes if pictures and documents are in C Drive then they will be formatted.

  • Sam Jollow

    Hi i cant get it work it says it is a corrupt iso image please help!!!

    • No way. I have tested and verified it. Can you confirm how you are trying to install? Was your download completed?

  • Sean Bautista

    I need help the download is too slow 3 days download pleas reply i need help

  • I think drivers of your laptop need to be updated or reinstalled.

  • Use IDM Download Manager for Downloading.

  • deudy99

    Guys, this is the Official Retail version. It is from Microsoft. I’m more of a Linux person, but I am going to try Windows 8.1 using VirtualBox and see if it’s any better than Windows 8 Professional.

  • Vuk Markovic

    Fatima Afridi thanks for this, this works beautiful, i use your iso file on my laptop no.1 on laptop no.2 and my 3 computers 😀

    • Thanks for your kind words. This mean a lot for me. Please share my site with others.

  • I am surprised VB is not accepting. But I tried it with VMWare and it works fine.

  • bilalakbar2344

    Yes its from here not from store. But works fantastic for me

  • Leonardo Mignani Goes

    is this ISO untouched and virus free?

    • Yes it is untouched and clean

      • Leonardo Mignani Goes

        Thanks for the answer, great site and good to find an untouched ISO without having to use that horrible MS program…

  • Thanks you very much. But also confused up above it says Windows 8.1 below the title it says Windows 8.1 Preview? Which one is it?

    • Sorry for confusion. It is Windows 8.1 Pro.
      I have updated the post headings.

  • Can you confirm how are you trying to install? Just use Microsoft USB DVD tool.

  • This is Windows 8.1 Pro.

  • Hi,Downloaded and installed 32 bit edition.i found build 9600 on desktop screen

  • Venkata Vineeth

    is this the latest image (with windows 8.1 update 1)

  • You should give a try with VMWare 🙂

  • don Perez


    • You can make it active using license purchased from Microsoft.

  • It seems your download is not completed successfully. Use IDM to download.

  • You should install fresh one

  • Yes you can install windows 8.1 on your PC. Follow this tutorial to install it via USB

  • 64 bit link is working fine. I have just tested it. Use IDM download manager.

  • This is ISO file which can be burnt on DVD as well as can be installed via USB Pen drive.

  • hank33

    Hmm. So this is the Update for people that already have windows 8.0 and have a license? Like if a person has windows 7,they need a license to install this 8.1 as upgrade?

    • No this is full fledge ISO of windows 8.1 Pro. I suggest you to install it as fresh operating system. You can backup your files to secondary drives.

  • this windows 8.1 ISO work for long time or 180 day’s only ???

    • This works for long time.

      • After 180 days it will only show notification that you need to register. But windows will continue working.

  • Brian Idiotic Donaldson

    if u want download it fast on pc use internet download manager

  • This has built in drivers which support many hardwares. I personally installed Windows 8.1 on multiple computers. No computer asked for drivers. All wifi, sound and display drivers were automatically installed.

  • Vignesh Jariwala

    Will this iso work for reinstalling windows with original product license.

  • madi vikia

    I don’t know what to say but thank you soooooooooooooo much for this version of windows, not only it’s working but I had no problem while downloading it; It was very fast 🙂

    Keep up the good work ^_^

    • wow your words mean a lot to me. Keep visiting my PC. Share it with your friends.

      • madi vikia

        Sure I will ^_^

  • Yes of course you can.

  • Ecclesiastes

    The link for 32bit is dead now, please check it, thank you

  • You can download drivers from your hardware vendor site


    can i burn it on a cd?

  • Check your email.

    • Vivek Parab

      Thank you so much.
      Allah Hafiz!

  • PixBlox

    Do I lose everything when I upgrade to Windows 8?

    • If you do a fresh installation. I suggest to copy your files from C drive to secondary drives like D or E.
      Only apps will be deleted which you installed.

  • sk bajmir

    aneesh sk

  • Please check your email.

  • Hazmie Harith

    Can You Upload The Lastest Version Windows 8.1 Pro?? Please… @getintopc:disqus

    • This is latest version. It is also update able. You can install latest updates in Win 8.1 Pro

  • Have a look on this link. It provides the method to create windows bootable USB in Linux.

  • Check your email inbox.

  • jojo martinez

    Hi! Fatima. Can i clean install this w8.1 pro? And is this English version? Thanks in advance.

  • Sounds great. I’m glad that this worked for you. Please share my site within your friends. 😉

  • Thanks. Please check your email for response.

  • Please check your email for response.

  • Check you email inbox for my reply.

  • Karan Madhukar


  • Corey Fowler

    This is the win 8.1 pro not 8.1 standard where can I find this standard iso?

  • Please check your inbox.

  • Please check your email inbox for reply.

    • Abhinav Awasthi

      hi fatima i am not getting the wifi on/off button …how to get the wifi available connections..m not getting..

      please help

      • Wifi may not be available in your case because of drivers issue. You have to install wifi drivers for your model laptop. Then you’ll be able to use Wifi.

  • Can you try DriverPack solution 2013? It is already in my site.

  • pedro


  • I doubt it. But you can give it a try.

  • Dinesh Kumar

    How it can be official Untouched Windows 8.1 Pro

    • Who said it is not required? It is official trial version.

  • Jonathan De Guzman


  • Check your email for response. This is official Untouched ISO. You can install it and updates can be also done.

  • John Spencer Alquiroz

    nice work i really appreciate it ^_^

    • Thank you so much for feedback, I appreciate your effort for comment.

  • suthan raj


  • Check your email inbox for my response.

  • Wow I’m glad you resolved it. Enjoy 😉

  • yes it is.

  • Sigmatc

    Thanks for this iso Fatima.

    At a certain point, The installation wizard asks to create an account. Is there a way to continue installation without creating a microsoft account ?

    Cheers 🙂

    • Yeah of course. You can setup Local password instead of microsoft credentials.

      • Sigmatc

        Ok thanks

  • ramakrishna


  • Please check your email for inbox.

  • paloyploy

    Thank you ^^

  • Thanks for feedback. Please check your email for my response.

  • Thanks.

  • Please check your email for my response.

  • marcus


  • Ferdy Ejr

    i got expired addres to resume download bcs my internet quota run out. what can i do if got another kuota 2GB that exactly cant download that iso file from begining. i using modem/tri indonesia
    pls admin..! anyone?
    oh ya i use IDM

    • You should have used IDM Download Manager for downloading.

  • Neelam Singh

    Downloaded and worked like a Charm…
    I highly recommended to Download.
    It is windows 8.1 Pro. 32 bit and 64 bit…
    thank you

  • Yes it is Windows 8.1 Pro.

  • I think your download is interrupted. use IDM for complete download and it is fast as well.

  • You have to turn off secure boot so that you can boot from USB.

  • Yes it is. 8.1 64 bit is better.
    Sorry I yet have to review your article. Will post it soon.

  • You have to make bootable USB. Dont just double click setup.

  • Yes it has. If it picks your drviers automatically.

  • i Think his name zzzzz means he is sleeping 😉

    • Muhammad Umar

      hahahhaha 😀

    • Muhammad Umar

      hahahhaha 😀

  • Thanks for detailed answer.

    • Muhammad Umar

      thx for this awesome site ^_^

    • Muhammad Umar

      thx for this awesome site ^_^

  • Kasun

    Is This Original Windows 8.1?

  • Kasun

    Is This Original Windows 8.1?

  • Yes it is Windows 8.1 Pro

  • It will be separate. 32 bit has its own. 64 bits has only.

  • Cenk

    Thanks a lot Fatima. 🙂

  • rann1112

    Is it still working?? I tried to install it but it goes to error… it says some files may be corrupted…

    • You download was not completed. This ISO worked for me 100%. You should Download it using IDM.
      Secondly confirm how are you trying to install?

  • Correct.

  • You can further update it.

  • Yes it has drivers for most of hardware.

  • Don’t worry if you get the problem again. You should install Driverpack Solution.

  • Yes it is Pro.

  • No this is not preview. It is 8.1 pro.
    Sorry for misunderstanding in post.

    • Kiel

      Thanks fatima, its running smoothly.

  • Jeremy

    Will this still work on a completely erased formated harddrive?

  • Antonio Moor

    I downloaded and installed this OS, works great, but I fear that it will work in the future because it has a label build 9600.

  • My tutorial is working fine. I tested it on multiple computers.

  • Welcome. Keep visiting our site.

  • Welcome.

  • I think your downloaded file got corrupted.
    The file on post is 100% working and I installed it on multiple PCs. Can you confirm exact size of file? If it is incomplete you should redownload using IDM Download Manager.

    • Jake

      I think it has to be my internet connection cause i know it often cuts off or my current downloader is at fault i do get corrupt files using it alot. Cant be the ISO on this page cause it works for others. Just gonna download it again. Using IDM downloader thanx so much.

      • Thanks for understanding. I hope when you download using IDM it will work like a charm.

  • Thanks for nice comment and appreciation. Keep visiting 🙂

  • This version will continue working. It will only show notification.

  • I agree with you. But that software takes lot of time to compress and takes double time in extraction.

  • I’m sorry you had to face this issue. Did you purchase any original? Can you restart your PC and then try to enter it?

  • Welcome. Keep visiting our site.

  • Wow it sounds great.

  • Okay I’ll try to upload that.

  • I’ll add that soon.

  • I tested this and it works 100%. i think your ISO file was not downloaded correctly. Or you didn’t it correctly.

  • No. This does not happen. You have to choose custom installation and format only C Drive.

  • chirag

    sorry my mistake i did connfigure bios setup properly

  • This is updated one.

  • Try to use external keyboard. I’m not sure why touch is not working during setup installation.

  • Thanks. 🙂

  • Welcome.

  • Sulo Eraslan

    can it be turned in other langueges like netherlands,dutch, germans , french , turkish ?

  • Use IDM Download Manager.

  • We’ll post it.

  • I have tested all files before posting. Make sure your downloads are completed. Have you also followed instructions completely?

  • Welcome 🙂 Keep visiting.

  • Sure why not. What sort of help is needed.

  • Andrew


  • Manjeet Malik

    please help me as soon as possible

  • It is 100% working for me. I installed it on multiple PCs. Did you try Universal USB Installer?

  • Ok I’ll mention it.

  • Really? Let’s bet on this. Can you provide me single link Windows 8.1 from Microsoft site. Without any registration and without any data which needs to be filled. Just click and Download started. Can you post that link here in reply to my comment? Windows 8.1 Pro.

  • bbking

    thanks for this, it works for 64 bit.

  • Manjeet Malik

    pls revert me as soon as possible

  • Manjeet Malik

    in also trie it with dvd after burn and it process goes to 35% and error file not complete

    • Well its strange, It worked for me. I installed it on multiple PCs.

  • This is windows 8.1 Pro ISO. I have clearly mentioned in this post.

  • kaurangk

    HI m new….

  • What are your PC Specs?

  • You mean interface wise or performance wise?

  • This is working 100%. Hundreds of people installed it. Check the comments. I think there must be something wrong with your way of doing it.

  • IDM is Download Manager which downloads files with full speed.

  • Abimuktheeswaran Brothers

    which edition of windows 8.1 ? updated win 8.1 or not ?

    • Did you bother to read article? It is windows 8.1 Pro. Clearly mentioned.

  • This is windows 8.1 Pro.

  • Thank you so much.

  • Thank you so much for appreciation.

  • This is official untouched iso of Windows 8.1 Pro.

  • Thank you so much. 🙂

  • Use IDM Download Manager to download.

  • Okay sure. I’ll post them.

    • Abimuktheeswaran Brothers

      dear fathima u posted windows vista bootable iso. pls tell which version (ultimate, enterprise.etc)

  • Marian Cruțu

    Thank you! I’m running Windows XP on my computer and i try Windows 8.1 on VMware Player!

    • Windows 8.1 is best. You should install it as main operating system host.

  • ef

    is this a legal copy?

  • You can try 32 bit to test.

  • I just checked and Download is working great. I think problem might be with your internet speed?

  • Choose the .iso file which you just downloaded. Look that in your downloads folder.

  • No way. I tested it on countless Pcs. It is working great. Which tool you used for creating bootable media?

  • TAY

    can window 7 use this?

  • You cannot get Windows 9 free download because it is not available yet. As soon as it is released we’ll post windows 9 iso

  • Your appreciating means a lot to me. Thanks for comment 🙂

  • This is Retail version official untouched ISO.

  • This can’t be true. The downloaded file is already ISO. Look on comments of below people. It is working for all of them.

  • No there is no other link. But this is not volume licensed. It is Windows 8.1 Pro official untouched ISO.

  • why are you extracting the iso file with winrar?? The setup download is iso file already. Show your file extensions. Make the iso bootable.

  • 🙂

  • cool.

  • its pro and vl.

  • Thanks 🙂

  • Yup thats fine.

  • No problem. It can update.

  • Saad Abudul Basit

    I have installed this window works perfectly fine.

  • remove CD and USB and then restart.

  • Monajit Chowdhury

    i have made bootable uSb for windows 8.1 installation but when i try change BIOS and set 1st boot to USB drive, USB boot not reflecting in BIOS. Boot device only reflecting CD/DVD , HDD and floopy drive. How could i add USB drive into the boot device ?

    • Can you confirm if your hardware supports USB boot?

  • Monajit Chowdhury

    i am not sure but i think it would be.

  • Use IDM to download.

    • Mstuartk

      what is IDM

  • yash

    if I click upgrade instead of install all my files will be i place?Nothing will get deleted?

  • YES you can install windows 8.1 through DVD as well.

  • I didn’t get such error. I installed this on multiple PCs.

  • Who says it doesn’t? I personally used it.

  • what is the windows 8.1 System Requirements?
    Would this be ok?
    1 GB ram
    40 GB HDD
    Intel Pentium 4

    • 1 GB ram may be less. But you can try. Pentium IV is less too.

  • Okay I’ll do. Don’t worry.

    • Tarun Kaushik

      i will be waiting for that.coz i am excited to install mac in my windows pc.

  • Shoaib Rafiq

    Hi… Guys is it PRO or Single Language ??
    and can i use my original single language CD License? please tell me… If not then how can i reinstall original windows… ??

    • This is Pro. You can only use yours License if that is Pro too.

  • Narendra Varma

    When i download Windows 8.1 32 bit im getting a WinRar file and when i extract it im getting a folder with few contents!! But where exactlyis the ISO File?

    • Cmon the downloaded file is not winrar file. It is ISO. Show your file extensions. The Winrar by default shows ISO with its icon. Don’t extract that.

  • I don’t think so buddy. You should turn off bitlocker and then install new operating system. Then turn it on again.

  • No you can do it on 32 bit PC. You may get bootsect error. But you can copy that file into drive after process is completed.

  • You don’t need to open file. It is ISO file.

  • darwin claire badang

    Thanks for the os, its very fast

  • Akeem

    Where can I get Windows Server 2012 R2?

  • USe 64 bit.

  • This is orange one dear. 🙂 what problem you faced with orange one? Themes can be changed. Pro is better than windows 8.1 enterprise.

  • The limitations that you are referring to were not really an issue.

  • Very strange. Do you have graphics drivers updated?

  • Thomas Gerni

    which Build Version of win 8.1 is this? 9600? 9431?

  • chirag

    when i upgrade windows7 to windows8 it it takes to much time and
    automatically it goes to 37% and showing some type of error and when i
    try to install windows 8 by booting it install up to getting file and
    stop there does go foward

    • It is strange. How you created bootable disk? I personally tested this ISO on multiple PCs and never faced any issue.

  • Yup.

  • Use jdownloader.

  • newtiger25

    I just have a quick question, I know I can burn this to a CD, but will this work on a newly built computer? All I would have to do is put the cd in the computer and let it do its thing?

  • newtiger25

    I would like to thank you for making this accessible! I just have a quick question. When I install this on a newly built computer, will this work for long-term?

  • Yes exactly. You can use this to build new PC with even blank hard drive.

  • Try to install it via USB.

  • Yes you can install it.

  • Conal

    Hai Fatima, I tried to install Win 8.1 64 bit through USB. Everytime I boot from USB with Win 8.1 inside it said ‘Error Loading Operating System’ Please help me figure it out 🙂

  • Was that error related to bootsect.exe?

  • Yes you can use it.

  • The tutorial method is same for both 8 and 8.1

  • Cmon this might be your drivers issue. I tested this on multiple PCs and it worked great. Update your graphics drivers.

  • Amshela Adriana

    Why the window 7 64-bit cannot install to my pendrive in my window 7 32-bit……………..what should i do

  • Muhammad Umar

    Warning 😀 don’t install win.8.1 64bit coz if you wanna re-install it you have to recreate the partitions again .. this is the biggest drawback of win.8.1 64bit

    • re partition is not a drawback. Every operating system fresh installation requires partition I guess.

  • RniE x

    is this build 9600?

  • Narendra Varma


    • Welcome 🙂 Please Keep visiting and share my links with others 🙂 Follow Getintopc on Facebook and Twitter :)

  • Cmon it is not that worst. I always have 2 partitions. C and D. C only has windows and installed softwares. D has all data. So whenever I need to fresh install. I use C. No need to re partition.

  • Yes of course you can use.

  • Original untouched.

  • Windows 9 is not released yet.

    • Nåvňéèt Dêšhwãl

      i know fatima…but some websites had uploaded windows 9 pro and size is 5.1 gb 64Bits
      like ..

  • Exactly

  • Cmon. Windows 9 is not officially released. I’ll upload as soon as it is released.

    • Havidz Nurrizqi

      Yes, hope microsoft to reveal this in next few months, possibly they will release windows 9 rather than win 8.2

  • sooraj kumar

    Is this OS is working good?

  • sooraj kumar

    How to install this?

  • Use some fast download manager.

  • Saptarathi Deb

    IS this a upgrade for windows 8 ? or can i install it freshly in my ubuntu pc?

    • This is not upgrade. This is ISO image for fresh installation.

  • Denny Lowkey

    i’ve installed and everything went smooth,

  • What error are you getting?

    • Kyle Joshua Tan

      i can’t open all the apps and the screen suddenly turns black after a few minutes 🙁

      • What are your PC Specs? Does your hardware specs support windows 8.1

  • Your pc only supports 32 bit i guess.

  • Welcome 🙂 Please Keep visiting and share my links with others 🙂 Follow Getintopc on Facebook and Twitter 🙂

  • This is windows 8.1 and the you have number of windows 8. I don’t think that will work. But you can test.

  • This is official Untouched ISO of Windows 8.1 and follows Microsoft Terms and conditions for 30 days trial.

  • Shiva Singaraj

    plzzz get it soon..

  • Aren’t there any alternatives for this?

  • Welcome 🙂 Please Keep visiting and share my links with others 🙂 Follow Getintopc on Facebook and Twitter 🙂

  • rajat mehra

    is this latest upadated

    • Most of the major updates are installed. You can further update it.

  • Welcome 🙂 Please Keep visiting and share my links with others 🙂 Follow Getintopc on Facebook and Twitter 🙂

  • Yup m here.

  • Because it is already installed.

  • krishna lamichhane

    why not download?

  • You can install it from my site.

  • May be some time server issue.

  • It is working 100%. I tested in multiple PCs. There might be an issue on your end.

  • Yes this is official trial version which is legal.

    • win

      thank you

      • Welcome 🙂 Please Keep visiting and share my links with others 🙂 Follow Getintopc on Facebook and Twitter 🙂

  • Satyabrata Mahapatra

    thanks a lot fatima..

  • Eshan O-TAR

    Im planning to buy a new gaming pc and i want to boot this in will my computer crash and die? Also, is this buggy and does this work

    • This is 100% clean and working. Your PC will not crash.

  • Meow Retared

    Why does it say 6 hours remaining and (Not To Believe This But Is This A Virus In YOUR Main Opinion) KK!

    • Use Download Manager to download files quickly. This file is 100% clean.

  • Yes of course you can use this ISO file. You have both options. Either you can fix the missing files or you can also do fresh installation. I would suggest to do Fresh installation.

  • Check your email.

  • Chiranjibi Pradhan

    i have now windows 7.when i install windows 8 will my file in windows 7 be deleted.can i change to win8 from win 7 without uninstalling win8

    • If you have only 1 drive then files will be deleted. However you can take backup to secondary drive. In that case your installed softwares will only be wiped.

  • It will continue working.

  • Yes this can be updated.

  • Ratnadip Das

    awesome thanks guys

    • Welcome 🙂 Please Keep visiting and share my links with others 🙂 Follow Getintopc on Facebook and Twitter 🙂

  • Yes of course it can work. It is tested with Macbook Bootcamp and works 100%.

  • Xa


  • Yes you can use this tool to fix issue. You can install it as fresh operating system. You can use Universal USB Installer to make iso bootable.

  • No No it is not zip. Show your file extensions. It is ISO file. The winzip or winrar might be showing their icon with ISO file which is confusing you.

  • Mikemoney


  • Yes you can download it for Mac as well and use bootcamp for dual boot installation.

  • Varun

    My PC Has 320GB HDD 1GB RAM 1.8Ghz Processor. Can i Install windows 8.1 Pro for my PC???

  • It is mentioned in article i guess.

  • pgm over

    it the best window 8.1 pro

  • Varun

    ok. My friend installed the Windows 8.1.

  • aravind krishna

    it is installed.

  • Yes of course.

  • Why you can’t use this iso?

  • Welcome 🙂 Please Keep visiting and share my links with others 🙂 Follow Getintopc on Facebook and Twitter 🙂

  • Yes you can install it free.

  • You can partition it along ubuntu. If you install ubuntu it gives you option to be installed alongside windows automatically.
    Secondly it is always better to install fresh windows. Upgrades have issues sometimes.

  • Mzafar abdullah

    i downloaded it successfully but when i was tried to setting it up, it
    does not work or not being file copy due to absence (( autorn.dll ))
    file that had to associated with ISO image Windows 8.1 which i actually i
    what i have to do ??? what i have to do ? what i have to do ?

    • Why are you opening setup? Don’t open the downloaded file. Just use Windows USB DVD tool or any other tool which makes iso bootable. Then boot from the media.

  • Yes of course you can. Use IDM Download Manager to download files from our site.

  • Because your PC might be compatible with 64 bit only. But you can install 32 bit as well. Personally I suggest go for 64 bit because its gives better performance.

  • Yes it is Windows 8.1 Pro.

  • Nope. Windows 9 preview will be released on 30th Sep.

  • Ozy the darkness

    I have an error ” The procedure entry point__CxxFrameHandler3 could not be located in the dynamic link library msvcrt.dll ” and after that error showup another error ” The file autorun.dll cannot be loaded or corrupt “,,,please help me

    • Don’t tell me you are just double clicking the setup inside iso? Cmon man you don’t need to extract iso. just make the USB or DVD bootable with this iso and install.

  • It will work absolutely fine.

  • What error are you getting?

  • No No. This is not update. This is complete Windows 8.1 ISO. You don’t need windows 8 for installation of this.

  • Welcome 🙂 Please Keep visiting and share my links with others 🙂 Follow Getintopc on Facebook and Twitter 🙂

  • That might be issue with your dvd rom or downloaded iso is not completed.

  • Yes.

  • Yes this is Official Trial Version.
    It will work for forever. it will only notify later. But will continue working forever.
    You can use Dreamspark account as well.

  • It should work.

  • Thanks TIm for appreciation.

    • Tim Bales

      still getting notification to purchase.

      • You can ignore notifications and continue using this.

  • No this is 8.1 Pro ISO.

  • You can keep using it without worrying about that.

  • That’s just a notification. You can continue using it.

  • Yes.

  • I’ll post it soon.

  • Tanaquil

    It doesn’t work for me. I get a message box saying that the ISO is not a valid one.

  • Asif Rafiq

    i am facing problem as window 8 setup opens shows setup file not containing and when i look at window 8 software its 2 gb what i will download r what r do pls help?

    • I think your download was not completed. Use IDM Download manager to quickly download it.

  • I installed it and it works 100%.

  • Kumar

    Hi, thanks for the links, I need help.

  • Welcome 🙂 Please Keep visiting and share my links with others 🙂 Follow Getintopc on Facebook and Twitter 🙂

  • Thank you so much for appreciating 🙂

  • Yes it has.

  • Was the windows 7 32 bit and you were making boot of 8.1 64 bit? In such situation error comes up.

    First make sure downloaded ISO is completed. Use alternate tool to make usb bootable.

  • Yes you can update.

  • No it doesn’t.

  • Welcome 🙂 Please Keep visiting and share my links with others 🙂 Follow Getintopc on Facebook and Twitter 🙂

  • Update drivers for your PC. This is working 100% for me. You can continue using it without any interruption.

  • Sriyansa

    Can i install this without losing my personal files and data?
    I am now using win 7 32 bit and want to install 8.1 64 bit..
    Can i install without losing my data?

    • Yes of course you can install it without losing data. Backup all your files on secondary drive like D Drive.
      Only the software you have installed will be removed.

  • Jason Chua

    I need help.

    • The installation will run smooth without any error.

  • CY

    instead of making a bootable USB drive to install, can we extract the ISO file and run Setup.exe to install?

    • That’s not a good idea. The proper way is to make USB or DVD bootable with ISO.

  • Hey umar. Long time no see 🙂

  • Mohit Khandelwal

    Plz upload all in one iso bootable image of all the versions of windows 8 and 8.1.

    • That will be huge in size and will be difficult for those who need one type.

  • Okay sounds great.

    • Muhammad Umar

      Not really great 🙂

  • daranees

    bro while installing they shows error in my system what can i do it

    • What error are you getting?

      • daranees

        file exploer and nte file

  • Why are you trying to extract ISO? There is no need to do that. Follow this tutorial to install windows 8.1.

  • I have driverpack solution 14 which has pre-built drivers for all computer hardware.

  • I’ll try to post.

    • Mohit Khandelwal

      k. plz try to post it fast….i have need of it.

  • Welcome. 🙂 Please Share my website with others 🙂 Follow Getintopc on Facebook and Twitter 🙂

  • Afnan Shabbar

    windows 8.1 64 bit does not boot up in my computer with my usb

    • Why? Which error are you getting? This is working 100% for me.

  • Welcome. Don’t worry and enjoy it.

  • Great. You can get help from Google on post installation issues.

  • 64 bit is always higher. Because it supports large RAM.

  • This is 100% tested and working.

  • Cmon you call yourself computer user? In windows 8.1 it is not mentioned anywhere that it is windows 8.1.

    The difference is updates and themes.

  • Welcome. 🙂 Please Share my website with others 🙂 Follow Getintopc on Facebook and Twitter 🙂

  • You don’t need any additional files. You can install the windows easily.

  • I’ll post tutorial on this.

    • Mohit Khandelwal

      only installation is given but making of all in one iso is not given….

      • Why you need all in one iso? The iso can be made bootable easily if you follow simple steps.

        • Mohit Khandelwal

          i know how to make bootable pendrive or cd but i want all in one iso. have you it???

          • Without all in one iso you can also make it. Partition your pen drive in different partitions. Then for each separate drive make it bootable with one iso.

  • Welcome. 🙂 Please Share my website with others 🙂 Follow Getintopc on Facebook and Twitter 🙂

  • This is 100% working and tested. Problem is at yours end. Which tool you used to make it bootable?

  • Leo Rodrigues

    fatima any idea when you will have an iso of windows 8.1 standard version

    • This is on my list. I’ll post it soon. By the way why don’t you give a try to windows 8.1 Pro?

  • Syed Nizam Ali

    Hi , I have download the 8.1 Pro.

    • It can be installed without any issues. Have you even tried to install it before asking question?

  • Use IDM Software to download files flawlessly.

  • This is 100% tested and working. Just a suggestion that use IDM Download Manager to avoid data corruption.

  • Have a look here.

  • Thanks for appreciating. You made my day 🙂

  • yes it has.

  • Nope it’s not. Use following method to fix this error.

  • Now I pointed the link to other server. The iso file is working. Can you confirm how you got corruption error? Which tool you used?

  • Oh thanks 🙂

  • Yes you can.

  • Yeah sure you can.

  • It never happened to me. I tested this on multiple machines. Well does this happen everytime you open settings? Try to run ccleaner and then restart.

  • 8.1

  • Yes it is 100% working and tested on multiple machines.

    • Terminator

      Thank you for the file.It is working perfectly beautiful Fatima!!!! Hello from Greece…

  • Great. I’m glad you are happy with my site.

  • Yes I’m here.

  • Wow sounds great.

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    I’m trying to download several times but what I get is:
    You will get the File Shortly From a High Performance Linux Cloud Server

    • Which browser are you using? Clear your cookies and cache and then try to download again.

  • The final name is windows 10. It will be available when it is released official.

  • Did you update chipset drivers? Which username you used in first place? You can update that in account settings.

  • It includes most of the generic drivers. But it is always recommended to install your own drivers after windows installations.

  • Well Said.

  • Thanks for guiding.

  • yes you can install without usb but you would need dvd then. USB install is faster then DVD.

  • Welcome Mr Umar. 🙂

    • Muhammad Umar

      Dnt call me Mr.Umar … This feel like u are angry on me :/

  • Yeah it is.

  • I just tested and it worked.

  • Super guide.

  • Welcome. 🙂 Please Share my website with others 🙂 Follow Getintopc on Facebook and Twitter 🙂

  • Yeah.

  • You can continue using it.

  • Below are MD5 Checksums.

    49b428d6fb1a1e53c0682aed76664c2b en_windows_8_1_pro_vl_x86_dvd_2972633.iso

    f9ac831f06a760c722df0df34f1b9397 en_windows_8_1_pro_vl_x64_dvd_2971948.iso

  • You are most welcome. 🙂

  • Sorry I didn’t understand your question.

  • Why are you extracting the ISO file? C’mon burn the iso on USB or DVD. This window is 100% working.

  • Most welcome my dear visitor. 🙂

  • Does your Phone have SD Card? Window Can be installed with SD Card. Insert SD card in card reader and plug in USB Drive. The built in memory of Phone cannot be used for Windows installation.

  • No worries. 🙂

  • Great tip.

  • Your dvd rom driver is giving error. You should try to install via usb.

  • Thanks for guiding others.

  • This can’t be open like that. Follow tutorial for 8.1

  • Ndriçim Rrahmani

    Can i install it as a second operating system, with Deamon tools ultra? Fatima Afridi?

  • Bryan

    What happens when new windows updates come out? will it still update?

  • You can Download Windows on some other PC and make bootable USB on that PC. Then put usb on your PC to install.

  • Yeah of course.

  • Yes.

  • Can you be more specific? What error message you get?

  • Callum

    is this good to use as my daily driver

  • Callum

    should i install this as my main os??

  • We only upload official untouched setup.

  • inder jeet

    nice friend very used full

    • You are most Welcome. 🙂 Please Share my website with others 🙂 Follow Getintopc on Facebook and Twitter 🙂

  • Yes of course. You can install it on any laptop.

  • I tested this on multiple machines and it works great. which tool are you using to install?

  • Muzaffer

    assala-mu-alaikum,i am using win7 ultimate and while i tried to install 8.1 i get an following error message while booting ”Your PC needs to be repaired. The Boot Configuration
    Data file is missing some required information File : BootBCD Error
    code : 0xc0000034 You’ll need to use the recovery tools on your
    installation media. If you don’t have any installation media (like a
    disc or USB device) contact your system administrator or PC
    manufacturer.” pls help

    • Press F9 options and boot from USB. The 8.1 ISO is 100% complete and I tested it on multiple machines.

      • You are most Welcome. 🙂 Please Share my website with others 🙂 Follow Getintopc on Facebook and Twitter 🙂

  • Your download was interrupted and corrupted some how. Use IDM download manager to download.

  • We offer 2 MB speed per user. May be your speed is slow.

  • Yes it is windows 8.1 Pro.

  • 🙂

  • This is single language ISO already.

  • language can be changed later on.

  • Plug in usb and restart PC. Boot from USB.

  • No need to extract it. Just Make the usb bootable via given tutorial.

  • Yes this is original windows 8.1

  • You can message me on Official Facebook Page.

  • Sweet 🙂

  • They did. Initially they launched preview. But after that they released it.

  • Exactly. The download speed depends on your speed.

  • My pleasure 🙂

  • pro.

  • No there is no office built in it.

  • Just mount will not work. You need make USB bootable and then restart and boot from USB.

  • Only mounting will not help. You need to make DVD or USB bootable for proper install.

    • sosimple

      i just did USB bootable but it not runing

      • Which tool you used to make device bootable?

        • Steven

          I use Alchol120% but you can use nero or any iso burning software.

  • Yes it can be updated.

  • Willa Waliyadin

    this is evaluation?

  • Husam

    I install it on parallel desktop (virtual machine) on Mac and it installed.

  • Why it is not working? Which error you got?

  • You are most Welcome. 🙂 You need to just updated your graphics drivers. Then you’ll be able to update resolutions.

  • You are most welcome.

  • You should use IDM Download Manager.

  • You can install language packs later on. The default is only having English Language Pack.

  • This windows 8.1 is fine. Don’t go through it all over again.

  • Most welcome.

  • sk

    When downloading from DAP it is asking for userid & password???

    • There are no credentials required. Use IDM for faster downloading.

  • Nope it is not normal. You should restart the process.

  • Most welcome.

  • No it is not preview version, It is official windows 8.1 Pro. I tested this and it worked great. may be there is some issue on your end.

  • You are most welcome.

  • I apologize you had to face this issue. This is windows 8.1 Pro. The filename clearly shows this. This is 100% working and tested ISO.

  • hizzybabe

    This is VL version?

  • Thank you so much for kind feedback. We only provide official untouched ISO.

  • Pro Volume License.

  • You are most welcome. Please share with all of your friends.

  • Click on button at bottom.

  • You can Download Language packs in windows update as well.

  • Thanks.

  • This is already in English and posted in above window.

  • You should update all wifi drivers. Click on Wifi icon on right and turn off aeroplane mode.

  • Which application? How did you tried to open it? Make USB or DVD bootable with ISO and install.

  • You should update all of drivers in windows 8.1 pro. After that confirm.

  • Which windows or operating system you already have?

  • Okay sure. I’ll add.

  • Thanks Jeremy for guiding him.

    • engr_khalil

      what does official untouched iso means???

      • Net Verse

        It means the ISO was downloaded from MS in whole and not processed personally by someone using deployment tools of such aka “it is genuine.”

    • ariwahyuwardhana jayabaya

      so do i Fatima…Assalamualaikum

  • Yeah absolutely you can do it.

  • Radvin

    pls help me…hw can u install this??

  • Why? Clear your cookies and cache. Use IDM Software.



    • This is not update. This is complete official untouched windows 8.1 ISO

  • Sunny Thakur

    Hello sir I am getting this error

    Please help me to figure out this error

    A media driver your computer needs is missing. This could be a DVD, USB or Hard disk driver. If you have a CD, DVD, or USB flash drive with the driver on it, please insert it now.

  • This is 100% valid ISO. Use Universal USB Installer software.

  • Which tool you used to make usb bootable?

  • Well I have no idea about this. 🙂

  • Joe Adams

    Will I be able to use my Windows 8.0 license with this?

    • You can try that. But I think it will only accept its own license.

  • Yes ofcourse you can. Burn it to DVD.

  • Oh I see. Thanks Brad for enlightning me on this.

  • Yes it will.

  • Which error are you getting.

  • Niño Henry Asilo

    Thanks for this Fatima…

    • You are most welcome. Please share it with all of your friends.

  • Lots of updates are available. You can install window and then update it.

  • Thanks for guiding others.

  • Actually I have long queue.

  • Tommy Boy ARP

    I get Error: 0x80070570 when doing a clean install from DVD.

  • is this compatible with your specs?

  • Yes of course. You can install any language pack.

  • Use IDM Download Manager for fast download.

  • Loo

    hi i have windows 8 single language preinstalled in my pc when i bought it. so to update to windows 8.1, i need to download from windows store. is this iso works if i wannt to update to 8.1?

  • Yes it is legit. It is official untouched ISO of windows. You can insert your own license,

  • Most welcome. Please share this site to all of your friends.

  • My pleasure. Please share this site as much as you can.

  • Can you double check your downloaded size with the one provided in site?

  • You can install language pack later on

  • No it continues working like a charm.

  • Unlock the menu and drag it to right or left.

  • Yes ofcourse you can use SD card to install and store as well.

  • Ana Rasa

    I am trying to find the DVD I burned to install Windows 8.1. I have several. After screwing around with the various DVD’s, trying to figure out which one is the latest.. Google was no help. Bing was no help. The Duck didn’t know..

    So, here is a post so that the next time I need the original DVD,

    This also may be helpful, too: EULAID:WinBlue_R8_1_ED_PS_V_en-us. It is mentioned during the install process.

    • You are most welcome. Please recommend my sites to everyone

  • Ana Rasa

    I downloaded the file windows here yesterday

  • Sorry buddy we cannot give license.

  • 64 bit.

  • This is already windows 8.1 Pro ISO. Simply download and install it.

  • use rufus tool. It is also posted in site.

  • Randy Chong

    What system requirments for windows 8 ? to install it

  • Yes you can receive updates.

  • Folders in C drive will be format.

  • Give it a try. It should work.

  • There is no ultimate version.

  • Latest updates can be installed after installation as well. Updates are not built in. Because it may increase size.

  • You are most welcome. Please share it with all of your friends.

  • Install driverpack 14.It has all drivers

  • Charlyndon Ochia

    i’ve done this before, it really works great but after months of using,,there’s a note that my program is already expired and they need a license

    • You can insert license which came with your laptop.

  • Use IDM to download it supports with resume capability.

  • It’s up to you. it’s always better to keep your system updated. on the other hand system keep using bandwidth in background.

  • Is this a legal copy and can I upgrade without losing my data? What about CD license

    • Yes it is legal copy and official untouched iso. You can upgrade

  • Yes of course it will work.

  • Hi Fatima, I have download in my external HD… thank you.

  • Yes you can.

  • You are most welcome. Thanks for sharing your feedback. Please share this site with all of your friends.

  • Is your PC compatible with this driver.

  • Thanks please share this site with all of your friends.

  • Stuart Brennan

    Hi Fatima. Many thanks for the link. However I have used the official windows usb download tool to burn the iso and also burned the iso on DVD and it fails during installation stating corrupt installation files. I’m downloading again now, but it seems there might be an issue with the iso hosted here. I will let you know if it still doesn’t work. Thanks

    • Well I tested it multiple time and it worked for me. Use the pen drive for installation. Because it will not waste DVDs and Pen drive installation is way faster than DVD

  • Yes

  • Bishwadweep Mukherjee

    can i install this windows 8.1 pro in my windows 7 ultimate?

  • Which error do you get? Make sure your ISO file is complete and 100% downloaded. Because I have tested this ISO on multiple machines and it works great

  • How much speed are you getting?

  • I like Windows 8.1 Pro

    • Khan G Shehzad

      Ap Daily Kitni Posts Krti Hein..??

  • Thank you so much for feedback. This means a lot for me. Really you make my day. Keep visiting the site.

  • Khukon Dey

    Hi Fatima, already i did setup correctly one desktop & one laptop to my two friends. But I get thinking because after setup
    thanks you

    • You are most welcome. Actually we only provide official untouched setup ISO files. You need to enter your own license

  • Noah Ridge

    I’m sorry if someone else has already asked, but when I burn the iso to a usb drive, will the file become larger? I have a 4gb drive, will it work?

  • Did you update and installed your own drivers?

  • Kevin Yim

    how to remove watermark at right bottom side

  • You can install driverpack solution 14.

  • You can install updates later on as well

  • You did something wrong. How did you create bootable usb

  • Thank you so much. Share this site as much as you can

  • You don’t need to burn. Simply mount it using ultraiso or daemon tools lite

  • Thank you for kind feedback. I’ll soon post it.

  • use idm download manager or downthemall addon of firefox.

    • ☠ Yaso ☠

      thanks for helping will try it now 🙂

      • Most welcome. Please share this site as much as you can.

  • Yes ofcourse. You can do it.

  • Your words mean a lot for me. Thanks. Please tell everyone about this site.

  • Yes you can install all updates in that.

  • Simply use Windows USB DVD tool.

  • Yeah it should.

  • Yeah you can use this window in bootcamp

  • This seem to be some hardware issue.

  • Most welcome. Please share this as much as you can.

  • This error comes due to hardware issue. You should backup your files and do complete reinstall

  • This s legal and untouched iso. Updates can be made later on.

  • Yeah it would work.

  • I’m glad my site served you.

  • There is no windows 9

  • There must be some issue on your method of making bootable media?

  • Pro has more features.

  • Thanks for appreciating. Please share this site as much as you can

  • Thanks for appreciating. Please share this site as much as you can.

  • Yeah you can

  • yup

  • You are most welcome. Please share this site as much as you can.

  • Yes it works. I tested it on multiple machines.

  • Yes you can. There is a complex way to do so.

  • Simohammed

    Hi Every one, Miss Fatima you are so kind to give help for many people, many Thanks,
    My Tablet is 1G Ram 16Go Space, so I’m looking for very light version of windows to re-intstall my “U80GT” Cube.
    2nd question, other version of windows like Vista or 7 can support Tablet functionality?

  • chandan l

    thanks sister for uploading this windows os.

    • You are most welcome. Please share this site as much as you can.

  • Normally 64 bit WIndows 8.1 Pro is better.
    But your ram is less. So you should install Windows 8.1 Pro 32 bit.

  • I have added md5 checksum of both ISO files. You can search these in google to verify as well.

  • I just posted it.

  • This is 8.1 Pro

  • Language packs can be installed later on as well.

  • Thank you so much for great feedback.

  • So try to use this ISO and clean install to 8.1

  • My pleasure. Share this site as much as you can

  • Steven

    This is a pc software it don’t works on phones or tables

  • You can update

  • Chiman Bhai

    I am unable to download. I am using Chrome and Free Download Manager. It end up download web page ‘Download Troubleshooting’. Pls guide

    • Use Downthemall addon of Mozilla.Firefox.

      • Chiman Bhai

        thanks but I am using chrome

        • Then Use some other download addon of Chrome. Use IDM

  • Никола Братее

    can i instal this sistem with cd?

    • You’ll need DVD. Yes you can burn this ISO on DVD and install it.

  • Ndriçim Rrahmani

    Fatima Afridi? I clicked a link at Microsofts offical page that redirected me to the store to get the latest update but it appeared that the version of windows i’ve got (from here) is with volume licensed or something like that and it said to me contact to your system admin to get any update. I haven’t got any update from the store for a llittle too long in fact, what to do?

  • Do I need to install Windows 8 before installing this file ? I have Windows 7 SP1…

    • No that’s not necessary. You can directly install it even on a Pc without operating system.

  • Yes it works. I have tested it on countless laptops.

  • This is working great for us. Try to restart

  • Give it a try but it will Lag i think.

  • luna

    Fatima, I’m not an expert, can I use this iso version to install a second instance of windows 8.1 on a different blank partition of my samsung SSD which has already preinstalled windows 8.1 in the main (and at the moment only) partition? During this clean installation (i.e. without manufacturer bloatware) into a second partition will the system take the license from the bios? Thank you for your reply.

  • SyamJackLane


    • rodwan

      Thank you.

  • Pralesh Rayamajhi

    HI FATIMA mam… I have windows 7 installed in 32 bit OS but it is Compatible in 64 bit as well and has 2 GB RAM . So Is it good to install windows 8.1 of 64 bit ? Wont my PC becomes SLOW ? Is My RAM enough to perform multiple task quickly if i install win 8.1 of 64 bit .. Please Clear my Confusion ,,!!!

  • Pro

  • Your drivers are missing.

  • Match the MD5 of files. It is original.

  • Yes

  • Thanks for guiding others.

  • Yes it is same.

  • This is 8.1 Pro. See carefully.

  • You are most welcome.

  • Simply use it.

  • yes it is Okay.

  • Thank you so much for kind words.

  • David Lockwood

    Hi There – I am using Parallels on a Mac to execute the ISO. All is good except i am getting a DNS error when trying to active. Any help on this please?

  • 🙂

  • white ghost

    how to use MD5 checksum?? thank 🙂

  • Sameer Sam

    Please help me guys, I successfully updated this widows 8.1 Pro, but now my laptop is taking very long time to start

    • Check the startup applications. Turn off any additional startup application. I think Window is still installing updates during startup

  • Yes you can

  • Yes why not.

  • Yes. If you don’t format previous one then you’ll have option.

  • Yes

  • This is Valid ISO. You should choose rufus.

  • Yup. It seems hardware issue with usb

  • Thanks for explaining to him 🙂

    • Aht Ali

      plz explain me 🙂
      That can i install win 8.1 on 4gb Precise (3.7GB usb)
      The Iso File is 3.6 gb

  • Rajan

    Hi Fatima, i had installed windows 8.1 (64 bit) from the link you provided. It installed successfully, now I’m facing many problems like metro apps are not working properly (apps open but after clicking anything it shows black screen). Please help me!!!

  • diablo31

    Can this window 8.1 become single language version when i input my license?

  • Seems your hardware issue

  • Yes ofcourse you can do it.

  • No Worries 🙂

  • English, after install you can download the language pack from here and install it,

  • Excellent explanation

  • Yes

  • You are most welcome. Please share this as much as you can

  • I think it is not compatible with your system

  • Make sure you are installing the same version which is of license type.

  • Yes.

  • Checksum

  • ahmed

    pls answer


    can i use this for os less system also

  • Vonn Kester

    what version of windows 8.1 is this ia this build 9600….. please answer

  • Vonn Kester

    what version of windows 8.1 is this ia this build 9600….. please answer me thank you

  • Win 7 Ultimate x64

  • Ryan Tombs

    I’ve downloaded the 64bit version onto my USB stick and made it bootable using Rufus. Do I just plug it in and it installs Windows 8.1 Pro?

  • Arix Byon

    i downloaded it it can be workable or not ??

    • Works great

      • ariwahyuwardhana jayabaya

        i love you i love it “wonderfull”

      • ariwahyuwardhana jayabaya

        work with it enjoyed with it all with it

  • Rieckson Wullur

    Thank u so much!

  • Sodesh Dindayal

    fatima afridi can you please email me at
    As Soon As Possible!
    i would like you to please answer some questions concerning my pc and this windows 8.1 os
    thank you!

  • Jatin Srivastava

    I have 2GB of RAM… should I stick to Win7 Ultimate 32bit or install Win8.1 Pro 64bit.. (I THINK) these days there is no use of installing a new OS which is 32bit…Pls help.Thanks in advance.

  • Jatin Srivastava

    I have 2GB of RAM… should I stick to Win7 Ultimate 32bit or install Win8.1 Pro 64bit.. (I THINK) these days there is no use of installing a new OS which is 32bit…Pls help.Thanks in advance.

  • Sodesh Dindayal

    its saying that its finished but it didn’t get to make the usb bootable???
    helpp!! quickly please!

  • Bogdan Lazaroiu

    Win 8.1 64 comes with all drivers pre-installed..?

  • ariwahyuwardhana jayabaya

    that’s real man……so greats for you so move on your 7 than take it

  • ariwahyuwardhana jayabaya

    as well as

  • Soon 🙂

  • teguh. widodo

    is this 8.1 built 9600?

  • Sedgrick Warren

    First off thank you Fatima for providing this awesome upload. I tried using the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool to burn this to a USB drive but kept getting “The Selected File Is Not A Valid ISO File” error message. To burn this ISO using the Windows 7 Download tool you have to rebuild the ISO using the ISO9660 + UDF + Joliet file system which can be achieved using ImgBurn which is free to use. Instructions for rebuilding Fatima’s upload can be found here:

  • Yes

  • Yes it works

  • Yes you can.

  • Yes this is WIndows 8.1 Pro

  • Yes

  • Neither of these. Use Win 7 64bit

  • The MD5 message-digest algorithm is a widely used cryptographic hash function producing a 128-bit (16-byte) hash value, typically expressed in text format as a 32 digit hexadecimal number. MD5 has been utilized in a wide variety of cryptographic applications, and is also commonly used to verify data integrity. for full info read here

  • Thanks Gab for always being so helpful.

  • Thanks for support 🙂

  • 8.1

  • Install all drivers.

  • Shawn Head

    You can use this OFFICIAL site for 32 bit or 64 bit edition.
    Click on the “CREATE MEDIA” button to download the mediacreationtool.exe

    which will allow you to create a USB installation stick or an .iso file to burn to a DVD.

  • I’m sorry Shawn if that was removed. There are some filter places which remove codes automatically.

  • I;m glad you finally solved it.

  • Slight article update

  • Yes it is.

  • Suba M Naidu

    Hi ..
    i Have installed in successfully and working great.

  • STavrosYoMafias

    Thanks, I download it and it works great!

  • PPS Samra

    hlo Dear Fatima.I did download win 8.1 iso file.I made a bootable pendrive.

  • Thank you for kind feedback 🙂

  • Yes it works. I tested it on countless pcs.

  • Yes it does.

  • Who said it was 16GB?

  • Saeed Ahmad

    plz give me a link of HD graphic GMA intel for dell optiplex 760 for windows 8.1

  • You are most welcome. Please share this as much as you can

  • ربيع علي

    very thanks

  • Leo A

    help it only downloaded 400 mb file

    i need full iso 3.6 gb to recover my laptop gpu artifact caused by windows 10 technical preview 10162

    pls help me

    it drives me crazy to find standard iso

    • Use IDM Download Manager for complete error free download.

  • Yes?

  • Enjoy.

  • Hazrat Ali

    whats mean by official untouched iso ?

    • nobody add or remove anything from the iso, the way Microsoft release it is the way you get it

  • Rana Sureshkumar

    how can I start my laptop Lenovo g50-70

  • you can’t migrate from any 32 bit to any 64 bit OS or vice versa , you need to backup you data and do a clean install

    • Welcome back Gab 🙂

      • thanks 🙂 sorry but have a lot of work and i can’t come every day to help people the way i llike




    good window


    nice hain

  • Yes it will.

  • Thanks for helping others on this forum 🙂

  • Sarhan Othman Warspear

    is this work?

  • Sure 🙂

  • Yes it is already standard version.

  • shafqat Nadeem

    dear all i have downloaded the iso file and trried to install it , i am already on windows 10 , this doesnot install , it says to me that SOMETHING HAPPENED windows cannot determine the software supports the system , i hav sys 64 bit dell laptop , one thing more , when i got this laptop it was operating on windows 8.1 pro

    • Is your download completed 100%? Can you share the md5sum of your file? How are you trying to install? I mean which tool you used to make usb bootable?

  • This is 8.1

  • ivantotmo

    If i install this to my pc running windows 8.. will my files and apps be removed?

  • Kal Zekdor

    Thanks tremendously for providing these .iso downloads. I need to do a clean install of Windows 8, so I need an .iso I can burn, but MSFT has made getting one incredibly difficult, despite having a valid product license on hand. Their installation media creation tool refuses to run on Windows Server 2012, which is the only other machine I have access to until I can install Windows 8 on my laptop. Idiocy….

  • Michał Wodzicki

    will it work with OEM ?

  • Shahid Hussain Arain

    Anyone send me the Screen Shoot of Start menu of this window at

  • No. It’s official retail.

  • It is tested multiple times and work great.

  • Yes it is.

  • Canadianspartans

    Even worse than windows millennium edition. A.K.A. Windows Mistake Edition? What is wrong with 10 if you have any thing below 10 it means no DX12

    • Net Verse

      Windows 8.1 and 10 require CPU features that some CPUs do not have. and it turns out that MS made changes going to 8.1 from 8, and some windows 8 people could not get the 8.1 upgrade. However, some of the x86 versions were not affected.

  • You are most welcome.

  • Enjoy 🙂

  • Tepa Tuovila

    Can i update this windows 8.1 pro to windows 10 without anything problems? (Via Get windows 10 button in taskbar) And if i update,

  • Calculate it MD5 and search in google.

  • Yes it works.

  • Yes it is.

  • Install and update drivers

  • Simply burn it. Don’t open ISO

  • Safi Ur rehman

    window 8.1 is the best ……advice for every one use it dont upgrade for win 10 i know you all will return to win 8.1 like me

  • How many files are you downloading in parallel? Use IDM or DownthemAll Addon of Firefox

  • It will drop for few minutes but then it will be picked up again. How much speed your net supports?

  • Firefox with DownthemAll Addon

  • Gerry Cantwell

    having upgraded to win10 and experienced a lot of restarts due to issues – i rollled back to my 7 ultimate – now it says that my Win 7 ultimate is not genuine – I bought the pc preloaded –

  • Yes this is Pro Version.

  • Yes you can but you need to make usb bootable properly for windows.

  • I’ll look into this.

  • Thanks for kind feedback. You are awesome.

  • Yes you can.

  • Use 64 bit ISO

    • Sandesh S M

      using 64bit is not the exact solution,

      bcoz if u r creating bootable usb for legacy system type, u cant boot into uefi systems.

      so best thing to do is

      change the way u create bootable usb or try to always create botable usb by microsoft’s tool.

      bcoz microsoft’s tool creates uefi and legacy bootable.

      u can download microsoft’s tool from the below link.

      • Thanks for detailed guidance.

        • Sandesh S M

          Always welcome.

  • Yes it works. You need to update your drivers.

  • This is working great. I tested on multple machines. Can you post which error do you get? How did you make usb bootable?

  • Pleasure.

  • Burn the ISO on DVD or install using USB.

  • Jm the Dumb!

    Why i can’t install it?……..the iso file could not mount in the program!

  • Ashish

    its asking apassword in boot process. do anyone know the passsword

    • It is the password which you set dueing installation process.

  • Yes it is pro.

  • You cn install language later on.

  • Net Verse

    It’s is good that you posted the hash/check sums on here. What build is this ISO?

  • Net Verse

    , Windows vista is NT6, win 7 is NT6.1, win 8 is NT6.2, Win 8.1 is NT6.3, and I believe, Win 10 is NT 6.4. However, they are all very similar, except that MS keeps shuffling the locations of things around, or rename stuff, like Vertical to Stacked and horizontal to side by side.

  • Net Verse

    when I first used Win 10 in the early builds, I reported one error after another for 30 mins, then I took it off my computer. Then put it back on later, and did they same thing, by reporting the errors for 15 mins of writing, and removed it. then put it on later again. Seems to be fairly stable now, But for you, it has been reported that Windows 10 doesn’t work well on the SURFACE computers. Several articles were written about it on how MS can’t even make an OS that works on it’s own computer. LOL

  • Net Verse

    Obviously you were not a beta tester/insider. When windows 10 came out for download, it was a nightmare, the worse I have even seen Windows be It was constantly crashing and giving me errors. The only thing that ran quickly, and no problems was the new web browser. But now it seems to be more stable. What ticked me off a bit, is the removal of RECIMG later on, a few months back.

  • Net Verse

    IT was in the news that all INSIDERS will get a free windows 10, that means, the people who have XP or VIsta computers and were able to put 10 on their computer for the Inside program will benefit from it, as win 7 and higher OSes get it for free anyway.

  • Well it is working great for me. At which step you get this error?

  • Hazmi Abdul Karim

    is this include january 2016 update?

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Waste to Waves joins REEF to celebrate Earthday with friends : Waste To Waves

Waste to Waves joins REEF to celebrate Earthday with friends



Sustainable Surf joined with Waste to Waves partner, REEF, on Thurs, April 19th as they closed up the corp offices in Carlsbad, and held their company Earthday event at Buccaneer Beach in Oceanside, CA.

Along with the usual beach cleanup activities, we held a Waste to Waves styrofoam drive event open to the public, which included a contest for bring the most styrofoam packaging waste ( a.k.a. EPS foam) – with the winner getting a free surfboard made from a 100% recycled EPS blank from Marko foam, shaped by SD North County transplant Hayden Cox of Hayden Shapes (

Style master / surf legend Rob Machado showed up to help us out, as did DIY-er Cyrus Sutten from Kordory TV ( The guys from Transworld SURF were there too, and thanks to Jessie for bringing the Marko Foam van as our styrofoam collection vehicle. Thanks to all those folks who brought us their waste foam for recycling, and big congrats goes out to Sean, a research student at UCSD, for  his winning load of 15.6 lbs of EPS packing foam – enjoy that new custom ECOBOARD tm version of a Hypto-Krypto model from Hayden Shapes, courtesy  of our friends at REEF.

See all the fun in this video/photo feature from REEF on Transworld SURF:

Ps. and a big thumbs down goes out to the Oceanside Parking Patrol for giving the Marko Foam van a ticket, as it was parked to collect foam from the public in the Buccaneer Beach lot – bummer …


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