Mike Losness Ripping On A Recycled Board


Mike Losness at T-Street, San Clemente (photo John Oda)


Who says a surfboard made from recycled blank doesn’t perform? Here’s Mike Losness ripping at T-Steet on a Timmy Patterson shape.

This board is made from Marko recycled EPS. The foam collected in Waste to Waves will go directly into new recycled EPS blanks. This will also significantly increase the supply of Marko recycled EPS blanks available to shapers (more sizes and styles). Prior runs of recycled blanks were limited by the amount of recycled EPS they could collect.

According to Mike, this is the best board he’s ever had, and he hasn’t ridden another board since he got it two months ago. You can credit that to the shaper, Timmy Patterson.  However the recycled nature of the blank doesn’t make any difference to how the board surfs.


Some more photos of the board…

Timmy stoked on the board after the first lamination layer.


The finished board

The bottom

This a verified Ecoboard by Sustainable Surf.